Shipping & Handling Rates

We will ship your order in one business day after the payment is completed.

Customer is responsible for inside delivery for ALL items ordered.


We ship small items with Fedex or UPS, whose drivers will leave your order in front of your home. You are responsible to take the orders inside your place. These orders ships for Free.

These Free Shipping Items are mentioned in the product description.



As you are aware of the transportation and fuel cost increased a lot with recent unexpected economy situation and inflation, we cannot control the cost of the shipping charges. The charges you paid for is unfortunate, but we try to help you here to give you the price reduction on the products, so you save some money. If you wish to contact us before ordering, we will re-check the current rates and we may find you a cheaper rate.

     Shipping Cost

For the Big Rolls, we use the cheapest and most affordable fastest trucking freight companies. If the actual shipping cost is less than you paid, you will be refunded the extra portion you paid on your checkout. If the actual shipping cost is more than you paid for, then you should not worry, we are not going to bill or charge you, we will take care of this extra cost from our pocket. 

     Receiving Your Order

The Trucking company will call you prior delivery. You should be getting ready for the receiving your order. The driver will not unload the rolls. It is your responsibility to take the carpets down from the truck and make inside delivery. We recommend you get a small dolly ready prior the delivery day. Simply push the rolls down from the truck and place the dolly on the center of the roll and slide it thru inside of your place. You will need 4 to 5 volunteers for this job. Please do NOT reschedule the delivery, because this will delay the delivery and will cost you extra $175 per day you hold.

FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions}

When is my order going to be shipped?

We ship all orders in one business day after the payment cleared. If your order is for a big project such as, masjids, your order will be shipped by a truck-freight company.

What is the material of the carpets you provide? Do you make wool?

Our all carpets are made from premium heavy duty polypropylene yarn. We can make wool, however, we do not recommend wool. Two reasons: one, it is 4 times expensive, you should spend than money on school, community or something more important. Our heavy duty carpet will do the job finely. Second reason, wool carpet shed, and you need to vacuum almost every two days.

Do you make the design we want?

Yes, we can do any design you want, without any extra fee. There is minimum order of 15,000 sq feet order. We will make the color and design you wish. If you decided to make your own design, please email us the design you want, we will make it and deliver in 4 months.

How do i measure my place?

It is very easy. You need to measure the length and width in feet. Don't worry about inches. Let say, your room is 22 feet 4 inches by 45 feet 8 inches. 22 x 45 = 990 sq feet.

If the qibla facing straigt to the wall, you should add %10, and buy 990 x 1.1 = 1089 sq ft.

If the Qibla facing little angled to the corner, then you should buy %20 more, 990 x 1.2 =1188 sq ft.

If the Qibla facing directly facing to the corner, then you should buy %35 more, 990 x 1.35 = 1336 sq ft.

May I come to your warehouse and pick up my order?

Absolutely yes. You are welcome to our warehouse. If you come around noon, please have a lunch with us. You can pick up your order from our warehouse. We will load your car/truck.

MAXY/ MUSALLA 141 Lanza Ave. Bldg-9 Garfield, NJ 07026

May I order and see any samples before I buy?

Yes you can order small swatch sized samples. You will feel quality and see the colors before you order. Simply order from our website for fast and smooth transaction.

Click Here for a Small-Sample-PACK

Click here if you are willing to buy and see FULL SIZE pieces.

Do you ship to Canada? Who deals with the Canadian Customs?

Our company has been registered with Canadian Revenue services. We will take care of all duty, customs, brokerage services. We will deal with all legal stuff. You will not need to contact them. The shipping price at the end of the checkout already includes the duty and broker fees. That's why it seems little high. You will not pay anything else. You will not deal with international offices. We will do all the job. You will be contacted only with the shipping company to schedule your delivery. That will be very easy.

How do you wash a prayer rug?

We recommend you to hire a steam cleaner every other two years. Steam wash with regular carpet shampoo is fine. DO NOT to use chemicals or bleach.

What is the daily cleaning recommendations?

We recommend using regular vacuum. Before vacuuming, make sure check the brush and the bottom of the vacuum for metal objects like staples or nails, which may damage your carpet during vacuuming.